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Leap Year empowers you to organize your money and be financially fit.

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Leap Year is a new way to manage your money.

We were tired of all of the tools that tried to automatically manage your money or force you to make budgets for everything. At Leap Year, we take a simpler and more flexible approach.

Link accounts

Link any checking, savings, credit, loan, or investment account. Leap Year will automatically fetch your data and keep it in sync.

Make a plan

Vacation saving? Grocery spending? Retirement? Leap Year helps you create a comprehensive financial plan based on your situation.

Stay organized

Leap Year guides you through allocating money for your plan. When you spend or make money, we'll show you exactly how you are progressing towards your goals.

Report and adjust

Every month you'll receive a report showing exactly where your money went and how well you did. Leap Year helps you make any adjustments to your plan too.

Did we mention we work with couples?

Yes, you and your significant other can link your accounts and manage all of your finances together! Privacy levels allow you to still get each other those special gifts without the other knowing.

Small steps for a giant leap.

Whether you're a college student or getting close to retirement, Leap Year can be used for your unique life situation.

Not just budgets

Most expenses don't fit into a traditional budget. We instead help you proactively allocate money for different funds.

Credit cards work

When you use credit cards in Leap Year, we'll help you reserve money for your upcoming credit card bills. No more surprises.

Track investments

Link your 401k, IRA, or investments and allocate them towards your long-term savings goals. Haven't started investing? We will help.


We don't try to magically manage your finances. We empower you to see and engage with all of your spending and savings.

Actionable results

Every month, we show you exactly where your money went and give you a graded report card. We help adjust your goals too.

Financial fitness

Our goal at Leap Year is to put you in control of your finances and coach you to success.

Join the waitlist to know when we launch. We'll throw in a special discount too!

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Family owned and built for everyday people.

Meet the two couples that built Leap Year to solve their financial challenges.

The Kendalls

The Kendalls — Paolina & Wes

The Kendalls
We built Leap Year shortly before we got married and moved across the country. With so many different things going on that all had their own financial challenges, we realized there was nothing that helped us keep it under control. We're here to not only make the product better and update it to better suit you, but to also support you on your financial journey.

The Polgardis — Kristin & Josh

The Kendalls
Before we got married, we were both doing freelance work with no fixed income. Every tool tried to force us into a way of managing our money that just didn't work for us. We've helped create Leap Year so that there is finally a simple and flexible solution for managing your finances.
The Polgardis

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